Boeuf and Le Matin Patisserie Collab Review 2023 – Delicious beef and pastries

bouef and le matin

From 1st October to 30 November, Boeuf and Le Matin Patisserie have teamed up to offer the best creations one can witness from a beef speciality house and French Patisserie. The Boeuf and Le Matin Patisserie 6-course set menu has been well raved about on social media and we are just one of the eager customers dying to try the courses in this collaboration.

It was quite an impulsive decision for my friend and I to book a lunch slot at Boeuf, bearing in mind the set was heftily priced at $128++. We obviously caved in after a glance at the menu and the mouth-watering photos of the delightful spread.

About Boeuf and Le Matin

Boeuf is known for its wide selection of prime-cut meats and sharing sets, perfect to be paired with its in-house wine list. It boasts prime cuts from all over the world, from Grass Fed Australian Sirloin to Miyazaki Wagyu from Japan.

Le Matin, translated to “The Morning” in French, is a French-inspired patisserie that came to life during the turbulent times of the pandemic. With its gorgeous selection of artisanal bakes, Le Matin has made its way to the front of Singapore’s cafe and patisserie scene and is currently located in ION Orchard with a contemporary dining space.

See Le Matin Patisserie’s creations here!

Thoughts on the vibe

Upon stepping into Boeuf, the deep crimson walls created a sense of cosiness and intimacy in the dining area. In case you’re itching to wine and dine, the bottles of wine are strategically displayed in the centre of the first floor, waiting for you to cave in.

Thoughts on the food

Now, we move on to the segment which I am most excited to talk about – the food! Of course, we set our sights on the exclusive set menu and here’s what was served.

The first dish was the Burratina di Puglia, with Burrata cheese as the star. I loved how the pine nuts and pomegranate added a crunchy texture to the soft cheese.

boeuf le matin wagyu steak tartare

Wagyu Steak Tartare, probably one of my favourites of the set, blew our minds because of how beautifully stacked it looked. The Wagyu tartare sat atop a soft croissant and was dressed in caviar and a single egg yolk. I liked how the tartare did not have an extremely raw taste. We took each bite together with the buttery pastry and the flavours were so well balanced!

boeuf le matin filet mignon rossini

Quickly followed by the Tartare is the Filet Mignon Rossini cooked to medium rare (per our request). The steak was seasoned well in classic salt and pepper. This dish had a beautiful puff pastry which was light and fluffy, and did we detect a light celery spread on its surface? The foie gras was utterly unctuous and could be eaten with either the steak or pastry in bites!

horseradish sweet shrimp tartine

Horseradish Sweet Shrimp Tartine served together with the Rossini, was unfortunately not as savoury as its partner. While the plating was beautiful and the cluster of shrimp looked super juicy, the horseradish taste was too mild for my liking. However, the pastry elevated the overall appearance and taste of the dish. It was crispy and airy, with herbs and butter infused.

chocolate lava cake

At this point of the meal, my foodie pal and I were absolutely stuffed. However, the Moelleux au Chocolat (aka lava cake) was so decadent and gooey that each bite filled my stomach with warmth. I told myself, there’s always room for dessert right? When I compared bites with and without the mascarpone and vanilla cream, I felt that the cake could have done away with the cream but plus points for presentation!

Also, it was my birthday month so I got a little candle on my cake to blow out!

le matin fromage de vos reves

Translated to “cheese of your dreams” Le Matin Patisserie’s Fromage De Vos Reves is served in a cute little cheese wheel, creating the countryside effect. Typically priced at $21 in Le Matin Patisserie with an additional scoop of Creme Fraiche Ice Cream, the Fromage consists of a mixture of cheeses, Brillat Savarin Mousse, Reblochon Creameux, Comte Sponge and Milk Crumble Glaze. The crumble added an interesting crunch to the otherwise smooth and creamy dessert! The overall flavour was sweet, creamy, and a tad sour.

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Final thoughts

Well, the Boeuf and Le Matin concept truly proved an amazing experience. I have never had so much beef in one sitting but the meal did not feel over-the-top for me. Each dish was put together so well and the flavours in every consecutive dish were always refreshing and new! A great start with the zesty appetisers, and a great finish with the sweet desserts.

I would recommend you bring your friend or partner along to try this exclusive menu out. The portions will certainly fill you up, the service is brilliant and the cosy ambience will make it one of the loveliest meals you’ve ever had.

Make your reservations here at Boeuf before November ends!

Restaurant details


  • 159 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068614

Social Media

Opening Hours

  • 12pm-10:30pm daily

Price Rating

  • $$$

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