Abundance (Redhill) Review 2023 – Taiwanese Street Food below HDB

abundance interior

What is Abundance?

Abundance, a fun wordplay on “a bun dance”, is a popular Taiwanese restaurant that has over 10K followers on Instagram right now. What draws people to this particular restaurant is its visually appealing stuffed buns, inspired by the Taiwanese Gua Baos. Apart from its signature buns with a local spin on the combinations offered, Abundance serves egg fried rice with different toppings as well as ice cream rolls for dessert! I am literally salivating from recalling my prior trips down.

Thoughts on the vibe

Abundance currently has two outlets at Lengkok Bahru and Jalan Besar. We visited the first opened outlet located at the void deck of Lengkok Bahru, block 63A. As someone who hardly travels to this part of Singapore, the neighbourhood seemed rather quiet on a weekend yet Abundance and its cute neon signage managed to draw in customers to their restaurant. Abundance cleverly makes use of the space they have and has an alfresco dining option along the walkway outside. The air-conditioned space inside is not huge and can hold around 20 diners but the ambience made it feel cozy for dining.

What drew my attention was the industrial-like fridge with artisan beers and other alcoholic beverages on display. The old-school menu board that lists out fun and creative names of their drinks complemented the simple white and black walls well, making us feel at home in a casual dining atmosphere.

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Thoughts on the food

The menu offers a variety of creatively-named dishes that will send a chuckle to your lips. Is anyone up for a CCB (Crispy Chicken Bun)?

We definitely were and here’s a summary of what we ordered for 2 to share.

  • CCB (Crispy Chicken Bun) ($9.90)
  • Salted Egg Prawn Bun ($15.90)
  • Red Hot Chilli Dumplings Noodles ($11.90)
  • Mala Popcorn Chicken ($11.00)
  • Peanut Ice Cream Roll ($6.90)
abundance crispy chicken bun

As pictured above, the CCB consists of a crispy fried chicken thigh which was oozing in fatty juices. The tender meat was complemented by the crunchiness in the mango slaw and peanuts in the fruity and spicy thai chilli sauce! The plain white bun offered a good balance in taste to neutralise the otherwise strong flavours in the homemade sauce.

abundance salted egg prawn bun

The second bun ordered is part of the seasonal menu and based on a familiar flavour to Singaporean residents – Xian Dan Nai You (salted egg sauce). The Salted Egg Prawn Bun was a jaw-dropping sight. The thick slab of prawn patty was generously topped with crispy egg floss and cut chili. As one who does not like too much gravy in food, the salted egg sauce came in the right ratio to the other contributors in the bun dish. The prawn patty was clearly the star ingredient – juicy, fresh and so satisfying bite after bite.

abundance noodles

As we wanted carbs that were more substantial, we opted for the Red Hot Chilli Dumplings Noodles. The noodles were fresh and QQ, and make sure you stir in the Si Chuan spicy sauce well for a deeper flavour in the noodles! The dumplings were filled well with pork and shrimp stuffing. This noodle dish was really the epitome of a good bowl of spicy noodles.

abundance mala popcorn chicken

Lastly, to satisfy our constant mala cravings, we got the Mala Popcorn Chicken to try. The chicken bits were pretty large in my opinion, similar to the size of Chicken Karaage. The chilli seasoning coated the popcorn chicken well but it was slightly underwhelming.

abundance ice cream peanut roll
Source: Daniel Food Diary

On our previous trip, we tried the famous Peanut Ice Cream Roll. This dessert is a fun take on popiah, where the popiah skin is used to wrap vanilla ice cream and finely crushed peanuts together. For the cilantro lovers out there, you’re gonna love this one. The ice cream roll is sweet and savoury, a perfect cap to the meal!

We did notice that Abundance has introduced the Black Sesame Ice Cream Roll ($6.90) on the menu and can’t wait to go back to try it!

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Abundance Final Thoughts

Abundance is the ideal spot for a casual meal out with family and friends. With their exciting selection of craft beer, small bites, and filling mains, you get a sense of adventure and freedom to choose what to stuff your belly with! Abundance keeps it really wholesome with its cutesy layout and eye-catching merchandise (yes you can join the Abundance fan club by purchasing a T-shirt), what are you waiting for?

Restaurant Details


  • 63A Lengkok Bahru, #01-378, Singapore 151063

Social Media

Opening Hours

  • 11am-3pm, 4:30pm-10pm (Mon-Thur); 11am-10pm (Fri-Sun)

Price Rating

  • $-$$

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