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Fyr Restaurant Review

This visit to FYR @ Boon Tat Street came as an impromptu decision for a corporate girlie who didn’t know where to spend a Wednesday dinner with friends at. FYR was an easy 6-minute walk from my office and is located near the Telok Ayer MRT station. Initially, we were worried that the restaurant would turn us away due to a lack of reservations on a Wednesday evening. When we got there around 6.30 pm, we were pleasantly surprised to be seated with no issues!

Here’s my unbiased review of FYR restaurant’s food and drinks!

Thoughts on the vibe

The restaurant has a vast dining space with plenty of tables and bar seats. Bottles of liquor dot the bright yellow walls. All the way inside, people dine against a graffiti backdrop, highlighting FYR’s casual and tropical ambiance. If you’re looking for a casual dinner fix after work, FYR checks off the box.

I’ve heard a lot about this restaurant, largely due to the unique spelling of its name, “FYR”. Its name is actually an ancient spelling of “Fire”, symbolising the grill, sear, and roast techniques embodied in their meat dishes, with herbs and spices from the region. The menu is specially curated to infused Western into Asian flavours for every dish, served to pack a punch. FYR has a full brunch (only at Jalan Besar) and dinner menu, with the occasional happy hour deals.

They’re having a deal of 4 cocktails at $62 (UP $72 +++), all day every day.

Here is what 3 girls shared for dinner:

  • Chicken Wings ($13)
  • Blue Mussels ($14)
  • Australian grass-fed Striploin 200g ($32)
  • Seafood Risotto ($36)

Thoughts on the food

Fyr Restaurant Review

The first dish of the night was chicken wings with shatta sauce. Shatta sauce is traditionally made by pounding chilies and salt together, followed by fermenting in the sun with other spices and herbs for a few days. The wings were battered and fried to crunchy perfection while still retaining the moisture and fats in the meat. The sauce was a little spicy with a tinge of zesty lemon which paired so well with the chicken wings.

The blue mussels were next to arrive. Visually, it looked stunning. The mussels were generously coated in white wine and cream sauce, and served with fried shallots, thyme, and interestingly enough, laksa leaves. I can see where the fusion takes place in this dish! The dish carried 180g of mussels.

However, we felt that the portion could have been bigger for the price we paid.

We were really anticipating the seafood risotto and were curious to find out if it tasted like the ones in Italy. At first glance, anyone could tell this was a different take on the traditional Italian risotto. While the classic prawns and mussels were included in the pan, what caught our eye was the clump of bonito flakes and yellow rice. The chefs had a special twist in the making of this seafood risotto, with the inclusion of prawn broth, aioli, and chorizo.

However, we felt the dish was lacking in a few ways. The risotto was too wet for our liking, and the seafood flavor didn’t shine through, despite the generous portions of seafood. The bonito flakes provided the aesthetic points but we felt it did not go well with the wet texture of the risotto.

Fyr Restaurant Review

Possibly one of the better dishes of the night, this striploin dish came medium rare with sides of roasted potatoes and cherry tomatoes. We did not get a choice of sauce but the beef jus went really well with the meat without overpowering the natural taste of the protein. The steak itself was seasoned well and super tender.

Despite it looking very pink above, it was definitely cooked the way we expected and left no residue of myoglobin (the typical red mixture of protein and water you see in cooked steaks). The potatoes were a good complement to the steak and had a good sear all around.

Closing thoughts and drinks

We did not get any drinks as we intended to head off to a nearby bar after dinner, but I would recommend a glass of red wine to pair with the meal! In terms of the restaurant layout, FYR @ Boon Tat Street has both indoor and alfresco seating. If you want to get a good seat for the night, be sure to make a reservation beforehand!

Alternatively, if you much prefer a brunch session, FYR @ Jalan Besar is the outlet with a weekend brunch menu that include items such as Baked Ham Sandwich and Steak and Eggs! Let us know how your experience went at the sister outlet!

Restaurant details


  • 19 Boon Tat Street, Singapore 069619 / 315 Jln Besar, Singapore 208973

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Opening Hours

  • 12:00pm to 3:00pm (Monday to Friday), 6:00pm to 11:00pm (Monday to Saturday), closed on Sunday
  • 4:30pm to 11:00pm (Monday to Friday), 10:30am to 11:00pm (Saturday/Sunday/PH)

Price Rating

  • $$

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