SYIP Cafe Review 2023 – Cafe date at Luzerne

You’ve probably heard of SYIP cafe that took Singapore by storm after dining restrictions were lifted amidst COVID-19 recovery. SYIP first started out as a home business by two sisters whose dreams became reality with the introduction of their first cafe in Farrer Park.

After almost a year of steady success, SYIP made a second home in the Luzerne Building (also where SYIP Luzerne sources its tableware from!) along Bendemeer road.

Here is my in-depth SYIP Cafe review on the vibe, drinks, food, and more!

Thoughts on the vibe

SYIP @ Luzerne holds a very fresh concept – a huge unit at the front of the building surrounded by large glass windows, and panels inspired by concrete tones. This industrial-like interior has become popular among cafes and resembles the ones we have seen in Malaysia and South Korea!

From just walking into the cafe, you are instantly greeted by the signature slogan and a huge open space with an interesting restaurant layout. Take your pick (if the cafe isn’t crowded) of seats as you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Perhaps if you’re up for shared space, you could opt for the communal table near the glass windows. If you’re looking for a more intimate setting, the booth seat may be to your liking!

Syip Cafe Review

One look at the menu and we could tell that SYIP had an extraordinary selection of food and thirst quenchers. As much as we wanted to mull over the food choices carefully, the queue to order was starting to inch closer towards the door. So, here’s what we picked for the afternoon:

  • Spiced Cheese Chicken Katsu Burger ($18)
  • Two Clam Vongole ($21)
  • Mentaiko Tater Tots ($11)
  • Iced White ($6)
  • Hot Hojicha ($6)
  • Iced Black Sesame ($7)

Thoughts on the drinks

We were really impressed with the drinks ordered, especially the Iced White and Hot Hojicha! The beans used in the coffee had a good combination of nutty and fruity in which the flavours were not washed down by the milk.

The Hojicha had beautiful latte art. Flavour wise, it was really thick and not too sweet, while the Black Sesame (a rather trendy latte option nowadays) offered a good mix of savoury and sweet.

However, it would have been nice to have a little more black sesame paste, the latte was not as “gao” as I imagined it to be!

Syip Cafe Review
Syip Cafe Review

Thoughts on the food

If I had to pick a winner for the food, the Two Clam Vongole was a sure win to my heart. As a seafood and garlic lover, I was so happy to see generous portions of the garlic/white wine sauce and the pile of clams atop the linguine. The sauce was full of flavour and was surprisingly not soaked up completely by the pasta towards the end of the meal (this means they give a lot of sauce).

The Spiced Cheese Chicken Katsu Burger included a juicy fried chicken thigh with pickles and nacho cheese, paired with spicy chips. I would say though, the portion of the burger was quite small but the dish pulled through with the brilliant seasoning and texture of the chicken.

Unfortunately, our meal would have been better if there was more mentaiko sauce in the tater tots. Mentaiko sauce was only drizzled at the top and was slightly lacklustre as the tater tots itself were plain.

I gotta say though, I really liked how much thought the cafe put into choice of cutlery. From the photos, you can tell that the plates, cups and even the cupholders were aligned with the whole industrial concept. Dining here was a really enjoyable experience, we would definitely return to try other items on the menu!

Cafe details


  • 72 Bendemeer Road, Luzerne Building #01-05, Singapore 339941 / 79 Owen Road, Singapore 218895

Social Media

Opening Hours

  • 9:00am to 6:00pm daily at both branches

Price Rating

  • $$

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